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Mia’s Travel Diaries

Discover Mia’s adventures in Sri Lanka

From exploring ancient kingdoms and river safaris to snorkeling with sharks and much more. I was very excited to win the chance to enjoy a true Sri Lanka excursion and it was nice to see how diverse this island truly is, both people and nature. I relaxed in beautiful Sri Lankan beaches, tasted delicious and famous Sri Lankan seafood and local cuisine , went on exciting wildlife tours, discovered Sri Lanka’s ancient cities and met wonderful people who were friendly and welcoming. I have the best stories to tell my friends about my Sri Lanka travel experience. My holiday showed me the beauty of Sri Lanka’s wildlife. I got to see elephants in a wildlife tour, baby turtles at the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery and even a baby mongoose in the middle of a river safari. I also had the chance to see the ancient cities and the magnificent temples, palaces, fortresses that were built hundreds of years ago. I felt so welcomed at all the hotels I stayed at full of friendly people who made me feel right at home. And the hotels gave me a perfect chance to get the best of Sri Lankan beaches as they were so close to them. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the island whether I was eating delicious food or relaxing under the sun with the ocean right next to me. I also had the opportunity to go on a real Sri Lankan food adventure as the hotels I stayed at offered me exciting opportunities. From trying a variety of ice cream flavors to eating spicy seafood it definitely made my holiday adventurous and enjoyable. I’m so grateful for SriLankan Airlines, for giving me the opportunity to visit this beautiful island.

Cinnamon Lodge – Habarana

As I arrived at Cinnamon Lodge – Habarana, I felt as if I stepped into a rainforest. The greenery around me was unbelievable.
The best part about my stay at Cinnamon Lodge was no doubt, the ice cream tasting I was lucky to be a part of.
As a post dinner treat the chef invited me to try out different ice cream flavours, 32 of them! The most surprising was one flavour that was green in color, so I expected a mild taste but it turned out to be Chili! That was definitely a wild ride. After dinner, I went on to enjoy a body spa treatment at Azmaara. It was so relaxing and I had a chance to completely de-stress and unwind from my long day.

Hikka Tranz – Hikkaduwa

Hikka Tranz was truly an enjoyable afternoon.
I even managed to experience a storm approaching while I was there.
The hotel was built so very close to the beach so that while you enjoy your meal at the restaurant you can also hear people playing and having a good time by the ocean and that really creates a nice, fun ambience all around.

Kanniya Hot Wells & Koneshwaram Temple – Trincomalee

Quite a fascinating stop in my trip was the Kanniya hot wells. A place where natural hot springs fill up wells that the local people often go to pray and get blessings.
I too got the chance to wash my feet and be blessed by the water.
Next, I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the Koneshwaram Temple – my very first Hindu Kovil visit in Sri Lanka! I was amazed by the spiritual and serene ambiance of the place. It was quite a unique experience.

Kaudulla National Park

The best experience in the whole trip was my visit to the Kaudulla National Park. It was an amazing feeling to be in the very center of a variety of wildlife.
I fell in love with the place and how diverse the wildlife was in the park.
I was expecting to see elephants during the trip but I never imagined I would be able to see them so close to me. And there was absolutely no need to panic as the elephants were so calm and very well behaved!

Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery

Another interesting place I visited was the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery. The place had so many turtles and I was so excited to see them. I saw the turtle eggs which were similar to normal eggs but it was fascinating to know that there were baby turtles growing in them.
I even got to hold a few baby turtles in my hands which was an amazing experience.

Madu River Safari

During the Madu River Safari, I had the chance to pet a baby Mongoose.
It was so tame and cute to see, just sitting on my hand.
The next fun activity was enjoying Fish Therapy! It was like getting a massage while you are on a boat. I sprinkled food as the fish gathered around my feet and that was a very relaxing experience.

Mask Museum – Ambalangoda

My visit to the Mask Museum was quite fascinating and unusual. I have to admit it was slightly scary to see the masks portraying devil faces. But it was really interesting to learn about the history behind the masks and how the mask art is related to the history of the country, religion and superstitious beliefs of the people.
I even got the chance to make a wish while conducting a puppet dance. It was one of a kind experience.

Pigeon Island

The pigeon island visit was the most fun and adventurous.
It’s an amazing island for snorkeling as the waters are filled with so many schools of colourful fish.
I even saw a shark for the first time in Sri Lanka. It was quite exciting to see sharks while snorkeling and I also saw big, adult turtles swimming casually among the colourful corals.

Rocksalt- Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

Cinnamon Bey was a really pleasant experience. The restaurants there are quite interesting and unusual.
The Rocksalt restaurant made me a chef! I got to grill my own Italian BBQ and the food was delightful.
Afterwards for dinner I went to Fire restaurant which was also a unique experience as you can see the chefs cook the food with a huge display of flames. I had a delicious lobster which was quite a fancy dinner.

Trinco Blu

Staying at Trinco Blu was a real treat to myself. It’s a really beautiful hotel just by the ocean where you can relax on hammocks under the trees or go for a relaxing walk on the beach.
If you ever visit Trincomalee I think this is the best place to stay!
I had dinner at a restaurant in the hotel named – The Crab. I had heard that they serve delicious seafood dishes and I experienced it myself with the delightful crab dish I had for dinner.


My day started by climbing the Sigiriya Rock. Sigiriya, is a rock fortress that has been carved out of a bedrock hundreds of years ago. It is said that a Sri Lankan king built his entire kingdom up on this rock.
In my visit I saw ponds that still work with an internal water system, beautifully landscaped gardens and giant lion paws carved out of a rock at the beginning of the steps leading up.
As I climbed up I saw frescos – paintings done during the king’s time with natural colouring from fruits and trees on the cave wall- and poems written about the nature, relationships, the country and so on, all carved into the rock’s surface. Once I climbed all the way up, the scenery was simply breathtaking and I could still see the remaining structures of an old palace.

Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura

I travelled to Polonnaruwa to see the ruins of the past kingdoms and it was different to the other places I visited. There was so much history in the city and it was filled with remains of large buildings that had broken down with time. The ruins still carried the beautiful details that were engraved into them a thousand years ago, and some of the large monasteries and prayer halls still remain standing. There were also temples, remains of palaces that still had guard stones at the entrance, pools that were built in the shape of a lotus entirely from carved stones and statues of Lord Buddha that were also carved out of stone and stood at 15-20ft in height.
The Rock Temple in Polonnaruwa has a number of Buddha statues picturing various times of Lord Buddha’s life and structures that date back a thousand years, preserved carefully by devoted Buddhist monks to this day.
Afterwards, I visited Anuradhapura. It’s a very quiet, peaceful old city that has many temples that were built thousands of years ago. It’s one of the most important places of worship for the Buddhist community in Sri Lanka and many people come every day to pray. The city has an old temple and a Bo tree named, Sri Maha Bodi, which is more than 2000 years of age. This tree is very special because it is believed to be the right-wing branch of the Sri Maha Bodi that is in India, which is the Bo tree that Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under. After that I walked around to see many more temples and monasteries that date back to nearly 2000 years. It was a very calming and spiritual visit to the old city of Anuradhapura. In both Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa I saw carvings and details on the structures that were influenced by different cultures in the past and it seemed like a timeline to the Sri Lankan history as well. I also saw reservoirs and lakes that were very impressive in their size and the technology of how they collect rain water and support the lives of the locals, hundreds of years later.


I went for dinner in Colombo with SriLankan Airlines. We went to a restaurant named Semondu that is owned and managed by SriLankan Catering.
It was quite a fun dinner and I enjoyed a variety of delicious seafood. Everyone was very friendly and they treated me really nicely.
The dinner was amazing and I had a lovely time talking with everybody. I am so grateful for everything they have offered me and their generosity during my trip to Sri Lanka.

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