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Meet & greet Edmund Chea - SriLankan Airlines competition winner




Our journey of tropical discovery, gracious hospitality and pure luxury.

My friend Jason and I were very fortunate to have won an online competition conducted by SriLankan Airlines. We were treated to a memorable 8-day luxury tour of this beautiful tropical country, Sri Lanka. We were so excited to explore the amazing tropical weather, the beaches, and the Sri Lankan wildlife. There were many amazing experiences and nice surprises from getting up-close to wildlife and staying in some of the most beautiful hotels and resorts. One of the activities we were fascinated most by was the Sigiriya tours. Visiting the Sigiriya Rock Fortress was a surreal experience. The architecture was amazing and it was impressive how hundreds of years ago they were able to build such a complex work of art. One of our favorite parts were going to see elephants at the Minneriya safari. The Minneriya elephant gathering gave us a good opportunity to see elephants in their natural habitat and also to get some cool pictures. Driving up the hill country to go on Kandy city tours was also very exciting. The Kandy city is so serene and full of interesting arts and culture and still has a royal sense about the town. My friend and I also really enjoyed white water rafting in Sri Lanka. It was very exciting for us and we had a lot of fun on the adventurous rivers that flowed between beautiful mountains. Thank you, SriLankan Airlines, for giving us this wonderful experience of the beauty of Sri Lanka, from coastal areas to the hillside.

Climbing the 8thWorld Wonder, Sigiriya

Our exciting holiday commenced with a marvelous experience of Sri Lankan history and culture. We visited Sigiriya, an ancient city in the ‘Cultural Triangle’, which was a kingdom in the 5th century A.D. It was thrilling to climb the Sigirya Rock which was the fortress of a king named Kashyapa, in ancient times. Sigiriya is known as the 8th Wonder of the World.

During our climb we saw the remains of his palace, which was pretty awesome.

The 360 degree view from the top was amazing.

‘The Gathering’ Minneriya

I had read about the world-famous elephant ‘Gathering’ in the MinneriyaWildlife Sanctuary, but seeing it was truly something else. We went on what is called a ‘Jeep Safari’ through the sanctuary and came to the Minneriyalake. There were elephants everywhere.

It was amazing in every sense! We probably saw around 40 elephants but we were told the herd could grow to as much as 300! Some of these awesome giants passed by, very close to our vehicle.

The baby elephants were really cute.

Jetwing Vil Uyana

After all the thrills and excitement of the climb and the elephants, it was pure pleasure to go back to our hotel, the JetwingVilUyana.

This unusual hotel is made up of little chalets in the middle of natural ponds. The rooms were very luxurious and comfortable. Everything was amazing. The place.The setting.The adventure.

Colonial Splendor: The Queens Hotel Kandy

We visited the majestic Queens Hotel in the middle of the city centre. You could tell by its architecture, it was built by the British in colonial times.

The Queens hotel was originally built to serve as the residence of the British Governor of Ceylon.

Today it is an 80 room, colonial-style hotel with rich interiors, a grand atmosphere and lots of charm from it days of past glory.

Old-world Charm – The Hotel Suisse, Kandy

We dined at another beautiful hotel which is right by the Kandy lake. The Hotel Suisse is one of the oldest buildings in the city. The interior of the hotel was decorated in traditional, Kandyan style which showed off Kandy’s old world charm and heritage.

The food was really delicious and the service was warm and welcoming.

Whitewater Thrills

From Kandy we went to Kitulgala, a lush, forested area with a magnificent river that flows through it. Kitulgala is famous for whitewater rafting, camping, bird watching and hiking.

We decided to ride the gentle rapids which took us a distance of a few kilometers.

The water was cool and clear and towards the end we couldn’t resist jumping in and swimming the rest of the way. It was rather awesome!

Discovering Moonstones: Gem Mines

Another exciting experience was visiting a real gem mine. Sri Lanka is famous for its abundance of gems such as sapphires, rubies, moonstones, aquamarines, topazes and garnets plus much more.

It was amazing to see the miners go deep into the mines which are supposed to be 80 feet deep.

It seemed like a challenging process but for something so beautiful I suppose it is worth it. It was truly wonderful to see how these gems are mined, cleaned, cut and polished.

Southern Hospitality – Jetwing Era Beach

We stayed at a lovely hotel called Jetwing Era Beach. The architecture was beautiful and very unusual. We received a warm welcome which seems to be a common trait among Sri Lanka’s people.

Our luxurious room opened out to the swimming pool and just beyond it was the Indian Ocean which was quite spectacular!It rained while we were there which added to the ‘tropical’ charm of the place.

We enjoyed every minute of this tropical paradise.

The ‘Flying Experience’

Our visit to the SriLankan Airlines office turned out to be a pleasant surprise when we were invited to try our hand in the flight simulator.

This was really awesome and unexpected. The whole thing was so real and the pilots who guided us really knew their stuff.

Thank you SriLankan Airlines, for a wonderful trip to Sri Lanka and allowing us to end our holiday on a high.

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