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Adventure excursions’

Sri Lanka has much to offer adventure-seeking tourists. Since recent years, hiking and trekking have grown immensely popular. While it offers some form of mild activity, a hike or a trek through some of the country’s diverse terrain has become the best way to observe wildlife and nature and to experience it up-close. The country’s low-lying hills and forests offer some of the best hiking and trekking trails for those who like to get closer to nature.

Through Our Winner's Eyes

Air Taxi Ride

We were very excited about our trip to Passikudah on the east coast but what we didn’t expect was that we would be flown there by air taxi. It was a wonderful experience, faster and definitely more scenic. The view from the sky was breathtaking and we got to take in so much of this island’s beauty from cloud level.

We flew over forests, mountains, rice paddies, fruit orchards, rivers, lakes and waterfalls and even some of Sri Lanka’s cultural attractions which my girlfriend loved.

The air taxi service is available to all parts of the country which is great if you don’t want to spend hours travelling by road or train.

Bentota Yatra House Boat Ride

There’s nothing like a boat ride to calm your soul. That’s what it felt like when we were treated to a beautiful sailing experience on the Yathra by Jetwing Houseboat.

Although we didn’t stay the night on it, I can say it’s a great concept for those seeking quiet relaxation and privacy. The cabins were luxurious, beautiful and comfortable.

We sailed on the famous ‘Betota River’ which offered gorgeous views of the surrounding villages and islands. We had dinner on deck, under the stars which was very romantic.

Passikudah - Dinner on a Yacht

Passikudah was one of the most beautiful places we had ever been to. What made it even more special was the romantic dinner we had while sailing on a yacht.

The sea was gorgeous and calm and it was our first time on a real yacht. The food, the sea, the sunset, it was like a dream come true for both of us.

Train Tour

Another delightful experience was the train tour we went on. In my opinion, it’s the best way to see the natural beauty of this gorgeous country. I was told the railway system was introduced in 1864 by the British to transport coffee from the mountains to Colombo. We got on at the famous NanuOya Railway Station from NuwaraEliya and travelled to the historic Kingdom of Kandy.

Our journey took us winding through tea covered mountains and forests dotted with waterfalls, rivers and streams. We travelled first class so our journey was really comfortable and pleasant. Dad really enjoyed every minute of it.

Tea Plucking and Tasting

If I was told, a month before my trip, that we would be hand picking tea in the mountains of Sri Lanka, I wouldn’t have believed it. But it happened and how amazing it was for both of us. There we were, on the emerald green slopes, right at the source where the world’s best tea is grown, selecting ‘two leaves and a bud’.

This was followed by a visit to one of the numerous tea factories where we witness first hand, the intricate process of tea being sorted, dried and packed.

Heading back to our hotel we relaxed with a cup of this very special brew enjoying the view, the cool climes and the memories we were making.

Lake Gregory, Lover’s Leap and Golf

Our journey to NuwaraEliya, was filled with many amazing sights. Lake Gregory and Lovers Leap falls are two breathtaking, natural wonders that draw many visitors and sight-seers each year. Glistening in the morning sun, Lake Gregory lays nestled in the heart of the town offering a variety of water sports and leisure activities. Lover’s Leap Falls, so named after a tragic tale that has become a legend, cascades over rocky cliffs into a pool below.

This excursion was followed by a round of golf at the spectacular NuwaraEliya Golf Course, much to dad’s delight. He fondly remembered this beautiful town with its architectural evidence of British colonization, and I couldn’t help slightly envying his memories, as we strolled along the neatly manicured banks of Lake Gregory.


While in Negombo I was taken on a boat tour of the famous Hamilton Canal which was apparently built by the British to connect Negombo to the capital city, Colombo. Today it has been restored and cleaned up and is still pretty busy with fishing boats going in and out to sea and tour boats taking visitors (like me) on pleasant joyrides.

From then on we sailed into the swamplands and mangroves – a different environment altogether. Unspoiled, lush and rather wild, the Muthurajawela Mangroves and Wetlands is a maze of waterways that’s home to small mammals and my favourite – birds!

I saw some marvelous varieties including kingfishers, herons, cormorants and Eagles. I would certainly recommend this place to any bird lover.

Sri Lankan Aircraft Hangar

Not many people can say they’ve had the rare privilege of being taken on a guided tour of an aircraft hangar. Turned out, I’m one of those few.

The experience was truly fantastic to say the least. Thank you Sri Lankan Airlines, for making my trip truly amazing and memorable.

Whitewater Thrills

From Kandy we went to Kitulgala, a lush, forested area with a magnificent river that flows through it. Kitulgala is famous for whitewater rafting, camping, bird watching and hiking.

We decided to ride the gentle rapids which took us a distance of a few kilometers.

The water was cool and clear and towards the end we couldn’t resist jumping in and swimming the rest of the way. It was rather awesome!

The ‘Flying Experience’

Our visit to the Sri Lankan Airlines office turned out to be a pleasant surprise when we were invited to try our hand in the flight simulator.

This was really awesome and unexpected. The whole thing was so real and the pilots who guided us really knew their stuff.

Thank you Sri Lankan Airlines, for a wonderful trip to Sri Lanka and allowing us to end our holiday on a high.

Discovering Moonstones: Gem Mines

Another exciting experience was visiting a real gem mine. Sri Lanka is famous for its abundance of gems such as sapphires, rubies, moonstones, aquamarines, topazes and garnets plus much more.

It was amazing to see the miners go deep into the mines which are supposed to be 80 feet deep.

It seemed like a challenging process but for something so beautiful I suppose it is worth it. It was truly wonderful to see how these gems are mined, cleaned, cut and polished.

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